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As some of you may know I used to live in San Francisco, so it holds a very special place in my heart. This week I had the opportunity to fly up there to learn about one of Uber’s Employee Resource groups, Los Ubers. An Employee Resource Group, also known as an ERG, are groups of employees that share similarities based on characteristics. Since Uber is so diverse they found a way where people could come together based on their roots and culture. Los Ubers is a Latinx community within Uber corporate that brings Latinos together. I had the honor to meet and talk to some of the members of Los Ubers during an intimate dinner this Monday, and I’m so happy to have learned that Uber created this special space for Latinos.

Dinner was hosted by El Buen Comer, a family ran business, who served authentic Mexican dishes. As a Latina, food has always been a huge part of my upbringing from gathering with the whole family for special occasions to having dinner every night with my parents, brother, and sister. It’s a time we can all come together and really bond with each other over some good hearty food. These were the vibes that I was getting on Monday night! It felt like we were one big familia, and were able to connect with one another because of the family shared style. We had a Mexican feast that consisted of gorditas, tamales, pozole, carne asada, mole, we literally had it all!

I sat next to data scientist, Suzette, who I learned so much from! First of all, did you guys know a data scientist for Uber is the person who analyzes and calculates how much time it takes to get to your destination. Crazy, right?! I was able to ask her a few questions over dinner, and she let me in on the inside scoop on Los Ubers. Los Ubers have created this community for Latinx to come together and form a group that celebrates their culture. They’ve created these personal guided tours for teenagers to show them how Uber operates and the different positions the company has to offer. They also have cultural celebrations like Ceviche making night, and make sure to be involved in the Latinx community around their city. It makes me so happy to know that a company like Uber prioritizes the importance of culture by allowing these groups to get together and lift one another based on their roots.

I bonded with a few members of Los Ubers over the delicious food and our cultural similarities. I am so grateful to have been able to learn about Los Ubers and how diversity in the workplace is being celebrated by these ERGs. Thank you Uber, for letting me join for dinner and learn how you guys are creating opportunities for Latinx employees!



The Jitana

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