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Last week I started my week off in Vegas, but it’s not the type of Vegas trip you’re thinking about. As some of you may know, I own a home decor shop and one of my accounts that stocks shop Jitana told me about this trade show that happens once a year in Vegas. One of my main goals is to stock my home decor in as many boutiques as I can across America to spread the love. I used to be a fashion buyer so I only attended  clothing trade shows, I never knew there were home decor trade shows! I decided to book a last minute work trip to Vegas to scope out the show and see if Shop Jitana would vibe, and let me know tell you my shop would definitely vibe! So hopefully in a year you’ll see me be a vendor at the trade show!


Of course, I was going to make this Vegas trip worth it! I wanted to book a room at a hotel where I wouldn’t have to leave unless I was attending the trade show. I wanted to be able to eat at good restaurants, good hotel bars, have the option of activities, oh and can’t forget a good pool! I asked one of my blogging friends, who travels all the time, what hotel she would recommend that included all of this and she said the Palazzo at the Venetian! So I went to ahead a booked a room for two nights!

The Palazzo is located inside of the Venetian so you get the best of both worlds. It’s like staying in two hotels for the price of one! I stayed in the Bella suite, and it was an absolute dream. Everything I needed for my two night stay. It was very spacious, and the layout was very well thought out. I literally used all the space in the room. I know you’re probably wondering why such a small girl needs so much room, but for the life of me I can never pack light. The bathroom was another important part of the room which is where I normally spend most of my time if I’m not sleeping lol! For all my outfit changes, comes the make up changes and they had a cute vanity that made me feel like I was home. The bathroom had so much space, so you could def fit a squad of girls getting ready for a night out lol!

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I arrived in Vegas Sunday morning checked in, got ready, and I was off to the trade show. Let me start off by saying fashion has always, and always will be, a passion of mine! I look at it as a form of art where you can express yourself through clothes. When I used to go to clothing trade shows, everyone was dressed to impress because you are representing the shop you are buying for. I was buying for Revolve so obviously I was always looking fresh lol! But let me tell you, this whole home decor business is a little bit different haha! Everyone was a bit older, and there were a lot of men in suits soo I def stuck out! It was good though, I met more people because they complimented my style and wanted to get to know me. These trade shows are also all about networking, and since I’m new to the industry it’s very important for me to be involved in events like these. I wore a skirt and sweater from one of my favourite designers, Anine Bing via Shopbop, and some vans so I could be extra comfortable because you tend to walk a lot at trade shows. Linked items below.

After walking for a few hours I was exhausted! All I wanted to do was come back to the room, have dinner, and pass out! When picking out the hotel I made sure they had a good Italian restaurant because if I could I would totally eat pasta every day lol! So I called a girlfriend of mine who lived in Vegas, and we went to The Factory Kitchen located at the Venetian. We had an Italian feast that included the Cavolonero, a chopped tuscan kale salad,  aged prosciutto with sage dough, and two plates of pasta the ravioli filled with three cheeses, and red wine braised beef agnolotti with cream sauce. Why yes, we did over do it but it was ALL so delicious! Seriously just writing about this is making me so hungry lol! Might have to go visit the The Factory Kitchen out here in downtown LA. After dinner, I had major food coma and just walked up to my room and fell asleep. I had another long day ahead of me!


I woke up bright and early to finish walking through the rest of the trade show to get back to the hotel to explore the grounds. I got to the show at 8am and finished up around noon, I did some more exploring and met some good contacts. I felt really content with the things I learned from the trade show and left feeling very accomplished. I had worn pants from Aritzia, a tee from Anine Bing via Shopbop, and a winter coat from H&M. I wore a winter coat to the trade show because the first day they were blasting the AC and I was freezing even with a sweater, so I made sure to bring something extra warm. The jacket is from 2 years ago, and the pants are sold out but I linked some similar looks below :)

Once I got back to the Palazzo, the sun was greeting me with open arms. It was so warm I decided to go check out the pool! I honestly thought I’d be the only one at the pool, but to my surprise there were quite a few people! Spent about two hours there, then I surprised Nikole with a romantic gondola ride at the Venetian lol! Nikole is one of my best friends, so to show my appreciation for having her be my co-pilot on this trip I booked a gondola ride through the Venetian! If you guys have never been to the Venetian, it is beyond beautiful! The sky is painted with blue skies and there’s a canal in the middle of the shops so it legit makes you feel like you’re in Venice! This would be such a cute idea if you’re on a date or with a loved one, because they serenade you during the ride and it’s soooo dreamy :)

After the Gondola ride, I had to head back to the room to work on some emails. The walk through the Venetian to the Palazzo probably takes about 10-15 minutes, but it is such a beautiful walk! From the archways to the painted ceilings, it has Italian inspired artwork and architecture all the way around. They also have lots of art installations like the LOVE installation, and in honor of Chinese New Year they have installations that celebrate the year of the pig!

Since it was Monday, I had to remind myself I wasn’t on vacation that I was still working so it wouldn’t throw my whole week off once I got back home. I’ve been getting better at disciplining myself while traveling, as you guys know I travel a lot for work and you can’t really treat it like vacation all the time because I’d never get any work done. So I got my little booty up and dragged Nikole out of bed and went to the gym! Please tell me, do you guys know anyone that has ever gone to the gym in Vegas lol?!  I made it to the gym at 7pm right before they closed at 8pm. I did a quick cardio sesh and some squats, and felt soooo accomplished haha! Not to mention, they also have classes they offer like pilates, cycling, and yoga! Since we had energy from the gym, we decided to end our night at our hotel bar Rosina. It was exactly what I needed after a very busy two day trip. Loved the vibe of the bar, and we had the most amazing cocktails. I’m a whiskey girl, so I love whiskey sours and almost order them at every cocktail bar we go to so I know a good one when I taste one! This was by far one of my favorites I’ve ever had! After a few drinks, and some good laughs we were ready to go to bed and luckily we were only like a 2 minute walk from the elevators to our rooms!

I had a very successful work trip and stayed focus! I managed to do sooo much in such a small time frame thanks to the Palazzo and Venetian! I highly recommend them if you are staying in Vegas, so beautiful and literally have everything you need. Also, if you’re trying to go clubbing TAO is located at The Venetian! I will def be staying here when I come back to Vegas <3 Stay tuned for my next adventure!


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