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Last month I had the privilege of being published in Alegria’s 7th anniversary magazine! They featured me as a world traveler and highlighted Shop Jitana. I had the honor of speaking on a panel amongst intelligent Latina women within the tech industry. It was an honor to be put in the same category as these women that are all so inspiring and motivating. Alegria magazine also gave me the opportunity to partner up with Buick to take their new 2019 Buick Enclave Avenir out to ride around for the week!
I got to test drive the Enclave Avenir for a week, and really got to experience the cars special features. One of my favorites was the Quite Tuning which is exclusive to Buick. Quite Tuning is a feature that every Buick has to reduce unwanted noise from entering the cabin, and this special feature is unique to each model. It blocks any noise trying to enter the car which gives you more of a peaceful ride without the unwanted traffic noise. So you know what that means, I was having my own reggeaton concerts inside of the car lol! On top of that I could have crystal clear conversations using bluetooth without worrying about being interrupted with street noise. Engineers performed many tests until they perfected the quite formula!
I also enjoyed the safety of the car. The Avenir was big and spacious with three luxurious rows, making you feel safe and secure. There was so much space you didn’t feel so cramped like in other SUV’s. The vehicle was also equipped with Onstar safety which I could guarantee you worked! One of the days, I accidentally pressed the Onstar button and the bluetooth phone started ringing so I hung up very quickly and a second later they started calling back! It was the Onstar operator asking if everything was alright, and I told her I called by accident and she said “No worries, have a wonderful day!” It’s a good feeling to know that they are so reliable and are there for any emergencies!
I had such a blast driving the Enclave Avenir for the week, and really got to learn about the car on a personal level. I’m always driving around LA, and you know there is constant traffic so it’s very important to feel the most comfortable in your car, and the Buick has it all from the size, to sound quality, and safety!
For more info on the Buick Enclave Avenir click on the link below.
Catch you guys later!
The Jitana
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