If you’ve been following me for a few years you know that I travel to Miami quite often, if not I can say this trip was quite different then the rest of the times I’ve been to Miami. I was out there for work for Shop Jitana, so I wasn’t necessarily on vacation but I did want to stay in a hotel that felt like I was on one. I didn’t want to stay in the middle of tourist central in South Beach, but I wanted to be close enough since I had a few meetings there. I like to call Miami my second home because I’m so familiar with the city so I figured the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne would be the right fit. The perfect oasis was close enough to South Beach, but far away enough to feel like you were on a private island!

I checked in Friday morning and was greeted by the lovely staff as soon as we drove up. My room was already available so I immediately went up to my beach front room, and let me tell you the view was breathtaking! We also added the Club Level Access to our stay since we knew we wanted to spend lots of time at the hotel when we weren’t working. Club Level Access is a unique personalised service that includes breakfast, middagete, and snacks throughout the day! It’s a communal space that caters to any type of needs you may be looking for, whether it’s finding a quite place to work from or stopping by for a mid day snack and drinks! So we started our morning with breakfast, and it was so convenient since it was located on the 9th floor same as our room.

After breakfast and mimosas the sun was shining and we knew we had to take advantage of the pool. Miami in August can be a little tricky because it’s the start of hurricane season, so we knew had to catch the sun before the clouds came to takeover. We headed down and they put us up in a cabana, and we ordered champagne and fruit to start our morning fresh while we tanned for a few hours before our meeting in the afternoon!

Day 2

The next day we slept in until noon and went straight to the pool. Apparently we had missed the storm in the morning that lasted over an hour! By the time we made it out the sun was shining bright and the water looked beautiful! One of my favorite things about the Ritz is that it has so many different dining options for any type of mood you’re in! We decided to have lunch at Dune Burgers by the beach, but instead of burgers we ordered shrimp tacos, a shrimp quesadilla, and some pina coladas! After we dined, we decided to head down to the beach.

The beach is located on the Key Biscayne side of Miami, and let me tell you this is by far one of my favorite beaches because of how chill it is! The waves are so calm so it makes it perfect for family with kids that want to enjoy the ocean without huge crowds. They also had activities available on the beach like kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skies were available to rent as well! We decided to rent a kayak so we could get some exercise in since we couldn’t find it in us to go work out at the gym lol! Cami and I love the water so kayaking was the perfect water activity for us. The staff on the beach was extremely nice and catered to all of our needs, from setting up our beach chairs to face the sun, to asking us if we needed anything, to even taking pictures of us while we were kayaking! They were the absolute sweetest!

After the beach, we decided to explore the property and came to find ourselves at the spa! The Ritz offers complimentary spa services to their guests to relax with steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, and vitamin C- infused showers, so you know we definitely took advantage. They also offer luxury spa treatments that you can find here. We relaxed in the whirl pool, followed by the sauna, and steam room. Almost forgot to mention they came around and served us yummy fruit that built our appetite for dinner! After we relaxed for about an hour we made our way back to the room to get ready for dinner!

We decided to get super done up for dinner since it was our last night in Miami. We made reservations at the the Light Keepers a beachfront seafood restaurant at the hotel that was highly recommended to us. As soon as we sat down, we were greeted with a glass of Dom Perignon and a chefs tasting of their ceviche, tuna tar tar, and fresh oysters that were to die for! For the main course I had the Wild isle Salmon that was probably the best salmon I ever had. The service was beyond superb, I highly recommend this restaurant while your stay at the Ritz. After the seafood feast, we went back upstairs to our room got dressed a little more casual and decided to hit up the town on our last night. We ended up partying in Wynwood which is also super close to Key Biscayne so it was a quick uber ride from the hotel. The hotel is the perfect location if you’re not trying to be in the mix of South Beach which in my honest opinion I prefer. Once you stay in South Beach you kind of get stuck in the area and don’t get to explore other places that Miami has to offer!

Sunday morning came along and it was time to check out. We were so bummed to go, but we were happy we got to spend a lot of time at the hotel during the weekend. The Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne was the type of “work” vacation we needed that made us feel like we were on an island of our own. Everything about our stay was amazing, and it was close enough to escape into the city if we wanted to. We still got to hang out in south beach, have dinner in midtown, go shopping in the design district, and party in Brickell and Wynwood. The location is in the perfect place and very easy to get anywhere by Uber. The dining was phenomenal and highly recommend Light Keepers for a seafood cuisine. Although our trip was a short weekend, all the things we did inside of the hotel made it feel like we were there for more then just the weekend! I want to thank the Ritz for making our stay everything and more, and I hope to come back sooner then later!

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