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Summer is here! // River Island

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#RevolveAroundTheWorld: LA

Hi moje ljubavi! Hope you guys had a good weekend! After the crazy week I had with Revolve I decided to lay low this weekend. If you’ve heard about Revolve you know the crazy parties they put on. Well last week I was lucky enough to join them on...

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Swim season is here!

Hi moje ljubavi! So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been everywhere BUT Los Angeles. I recently came back from Bali, and let me tell you it was ridiculously HOT! Not only hot, but super humid! Trust me, I always travel to tropical places and ...

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Business profesh with a twist of lime

Hi My Loves! Hope you guys had a good February because I definitely did! It was filled with lots of LOVE, business, happiness, and birthdays The month went by so fast, but at the same time I did sooo much that it felt long. That probably doesnR...

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The Navy Look

Hi moje ljubavi! TGIF right?! Didn’t we just have Monday off?! Well this week felt really long for me because I had so much to do! My birthday is tomorrow and I’m throwing a house party, and I feel like I’ve been running like a chick...

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